Why are GST advisory services known to be a life-altering decision?

GST advisory services have not just altered the lives of CA's and Taxpayers, but it's an extended impact on every aspect of business operations within the country like pricing of products and services, supply chain optimization, IT, accounting, and tax compliance systems. it's impacted the tax structure, tax incidence, tax computation, tax payment, compliance, credit utilization, and reporting, which led to an entire overhaul of the previous tax system.

Why are GST advisory services known to be a life-altering decision?

History of India's biggest Taxation reform

Goods & Service Tax (GST) is the largest revenue enhancement reform in India since its independence. GST could be a pan-India single unified tax on Goods and Services, levied only on ‘value added to goods and services at each stage within the economic supply chain.

Why Choose OnlineXBRL for GST Advisory Services

Our GST Advisory Services include:

Evaluation of the impact of GST on business and merchandise pricing, through assessment of key parameters including:

  • The shift in tax rates
  • A shift in time and place of supply rules for goods or services or both
  • Estimating the impact on outward supplies
  • Examining the impact on procurement of inputs/input services
  • Evaluation mechanism under GST, including incidence on free costs supplies, stock transfers, discounts, incidental supplies, and supplies to related parties
  • Inspecting position on the supply of input tax credits – credit restrictions or additional tax credits on procurements of products and services
  • Based on the above parameters, examining the impact of GST on a company’s operations, select products, and dealing with working capital

Advice on readjusting the operations to make sure tax efficiency:

  • Identifying alternate business models to substantiate tax efficiencies and credit-optimization
  • Evaluation of alternate business models basis the tax costs involved
  • Identifying potential risks and suggesting suitable mitigating strategies, associated with the identified models
  • Defining the business model/contract scenarios after discussions with the management that may be preoccupied with implementation

Advise on implications under the anti-profiteering provisions under the GST laws:

  • Evaluating the impact of GST on the prices of products and services visible of additional tax costs/credits
  • Advising appropriate pricing mechanism to be adopted considering the additional savings/burden
  • Advising on appropriate safeguards to be adopted
  • Representations before the Regulatory authorities constituted for anti-profiteering.

Ensuring steps for smooth GST Implementation:

  • Implementation of changes in business processes like establishing processes for billings, system to be followed for receiving advances/payments
  • Guidance on the eligibility of specific credits which may be available under the GST regime
  • Evaluating and updating eligibility and transferability of existing Input Tax Credits
  • Assistance in preparation and uploading of statutory Forms for Transition of credits
  • Guidance in relevancy the way of recovering tax from the consumers
  • Reviewing of contracts and highlighting key areas for negotiation, with vendors/customers

Assistance in Obtaining GST Registrations

Preparation and updating of compliance manuals / SOPs

IT Functional Advisory

  • Studying the prevailing IT System to provide the tax triggers and mapping for each business transactions
  • Evolve the logics basis of the changes introduced in law including those for the transition of credits
  • Configuring tax rates and updating most files basis the tax schedules
  • Advising on the reports to be generated from the system for GST purposes
  • Advising on the template of invoices, credit notes, debit notes, and other related documents
  • Conducting a UAT Test of the GST module of the IT systems
  • Final testing of the IT systems and providing a compliance report

Customized GST Training

Customized internal training for organizational requirements for Finance, Taxation, Legal, Commercial, Sales, and Marketing departments; and,Training for vendors, suppliers, and customers.

Characteristics of GST Advisory Services

The main objective to introduce GST was to unify the state economies and enhance the country’s overall process.

The following are some of GST Advisory most prominent characteristics:

Financial Security From Paying Taxes

The GST includes a large number of state and federal indirect taxes. At the centre are three of the most significant indirect levies. They include tariffs, service taxes, and union excise fees. GST Advisory Services includes both central excise and service tax levies. GST does not include customs duties or a trade tax form. States, however, have combined their sales tax and GST into a single system.

The Pricing Scheme Consists Of Four Tiers.

The Goods & Service Tax (GST) model proposed a tax rate structure with four brackets. Besides the zero percent tax rate on necessities, the government has established tax brackets of five percent, twelve percent, eighteen percent, and twelve percent. According to the GST Advisory Services, food and other necessities are tax-free. The 5 percent tax rate applies to most other commonly used products.

Payment Of GST On Services

GST includes a separate tax structure. All necessary services are subject to a 5% tax rate. The standard tax rate is 12.5%, whereas the commercial rate is 18%. The services provided by educational institutions are not subject to sales tax.

GST Annual Revenue Capacity

If your firm has an annual revenue of more than Rs. 20 lakhs, you must register for GST Advisory Services. Even if a business has fewer than 20 lakhs in annual sales, they are still required to register for GST if they export goods to a country other than the United States. In addition, taxpayers with annual revenue between Rs. 75 lakhs are eligible for the government's composition scheme.

Distribution of Tax Proceeds Between the Federal Government and the Individual States

Except for the IGST, tax revenues are split evenly between the federal government and the individual states. Under GST Advisory Services, indirect tax rates collected by the federal government and the individual states have been harmonized. Everybody chips in. For this reason, the GST council has voted to implement the Central GST and the State GST. Include GST (Sales and Use Tax) from your state.

History of India's Biggest Taxation Reform

Goods & Service Tax (GST) is the largest revenue enhancement reform in India since its independence. GST could be a Pan-India single unified tax on Goods and Services, levied only on ‘value added to goods and services at each stage within the economic supply chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are several benefits of choosing a GST consultant. If one isn't sufficiently informed, s/he may have insufficient information on the law and thus may commit mistakes in GST return filing. this can be why it's essential to require the assistance of a knowledgeable who understands the law and might guide one using proper steps and techniques.

This will make sure that the filing is finished appropriately. knowledgeable GST consultant can even help in GST return filing on time without delays. With knowledge on your side, you'll specialize in other important business areas. These are just a few of the highest benefits of hiring an expert.

Since the introduction of the GST bill, the demand for the most effective GST Consultants in India has also got up. We at OnlineXBRL with GST professional provide expert advice, support, and guidance to varied organizations and different businesses which deals with the sale and get of products. Our GST consultants provide utmost support and advice to any or all styles of businesses to implement their GST program effectively; we not only stop with the mere support but also train them about the GST and related schemes, and educate them with all needed details that help them within the implications of GST Law.

The compliance of GST may offer some unique challenges during which an expert GST Consultant can help the corporate to form everything smooth that's GST Implementation & Transition, GST Training, and GST Law Implications.

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The advisory and management fees received by the applicant are for financial services rendered to the AIF as mentioned above. Since the situation of both, the applicant and also the AIF is in India, the place of Supply is to be determined by applying Sec 12 of the IGST Act, 2017 which is reproduced as under – “12 (1) The provisions of this Section shall apply to see the place of supply of services where the situation of the supplier of services and also the location of the recipient of services is in India. The applicant within the nominative is supplying financial services to the AIF and such services are covered under Section 12 (12) of the IGST Act, 2017 which is reproduced as under “12 (12) The place of supply of banking and other financial services, including stock broking services to somebody shall be the placement of the recipient of services on the records of the supplier of services: on condition that if the placement of the recipient of services isn't on the records of the supplier, the place of supply shall be the situation of the supplier of services it's very clear that both, the applicant and therefore the AIF is in the taxable territory and also the services rendered by the applicant to the AIF are taxable and thus GST is payable, by application of the supply of Section 12 (12) of the IGST Act, 2017.

A.GST rate on consultancy services: Consultancy services attract 18% of the GST Rate. The consultancy will be of any nature associated with healthcare, finance, investments, etc. Though there are five slab rates, the consultancy services fall under the 18% slab only. Other GST slabs are 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.